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vitriola's Journal

everything is stupid
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this is a community. for vitriol.

it's a product of my reluctance to bitch about things in my own livejournal. (I'm illscientist. Hi.) I was like, man, I bet it would be entertaining to watch people bitch about stuff.

Well no, not exactly. I was more like, watching intelligent people (hi internat) struggling with all types of frustrating and annoying shit, but being reluctant to let their livejournals turn into sad teenage 'everything sucks' rambling. You know? Sullen teenagers have given internet bitching a bad name.

So: this is where we bitch. I'm going to try to be kinda strict about not letting anybody in to bitch and moan and... you probably know if your livejournal is one long bitchfest. Um, if this is the case, then you don't need another place to bitch. But if you're all reluctant to complain about shit in your journal, because you don't want to come off as whiny? This is the hole for you to fill with your vitriol. So to speak. Y'know, tip that anger jar and spill the ol' fury.

Or not. I like the idea of whining at length, though.

Oh hey! So people can watch this community, I'm going to institute an all-lj-cut guideline. E.G., if you're going to be ranting? Use an lj-cut tag so you don't fill up friends pages.
alienation, anger, angst, bad hip-hop, bad movies, being a closet monster, being meekly intimidating, big stompy boots, black metal, boot holes in walls, bosses, bottling it up yeah, bourbon haze, bruises, catharsis, cellphone motherfuckers, cheating exes, computers, coworkers, crack addiction, cracking skulls, crowd surfers, crushed dreams, cussing, disillusion, drinking, driving while dead, everything is stupid, everything sucks, falling down stairs, favorite bands selling out, feeling overwhelmed, fingernails on chalkboards, fist holes in walls, frustration, fury, getting wasted, glaring at people, grace, grammar mistakes, grammar police, grinding teeth, growling, honest emotion, honking car horns, html, hunching your shoulders, idiots in charge, impure thoughts, insomnia, invective, jobs, justice, knuckles, laziness, like pulling fucking teeth, looking down your nose, looks that kill, making fun of everything, meeting significant others' exes, misspellings, mtv, murderous rage, not fucking around, not sleeping, nothing makes sense, pcp, polaroids of sad cardigans, postmodern isolation, pre-coffee catatonia, pretending you're not mad, pretentiousness, punching crowd surfers, punching people, punching things, pushing people down stairs, quitting smoking, rage, re-repeating yourself, repeating yourself, retarded spellcheck programs, screaming, sega genesis, self-sabotage, shrinking to pounce, skull & crossbones, slamming doors, slapping idiots, smoking, sneering, steam out your ears, stifling your rage, stolen wallets, stupid, stupid motherfuckers, stupidity, supervisors, tedium, the dentist, the dmv, the incredible hulk, the jolly roger, thieves, tinfoil on fillings, top secret poetry, traffic, wanting to punch people, wasting money on garbage, wasting your life, wasting your time, western society, work, working in insurance, x's for eyes