Lux (lucienne) wrote in vitriola,

Hello. I'm Lux.

    To my boyfriend's little social club:
    I am so sick of you people judging me by what my ex-boyfriend says about me! * GET THE FUCK OVER IT! *

    Look at me. No wings, no halo. You can deduce from this that I am not an angel. I have never claimed to be one. (I don't believe in them, or God for that matter, but that's a whole other rant.) I have done some bad things in my life. I have made mistakes. I'M VERY MUCH LIKE A HUMAN BEING THAT WAY.
    It would seem that my ex-boyfriend's mouth came unstapled again. He has taken to using my real name in nasty posts at his website. You all still read it. It shouldn't matter by now. Stop looking at me like that, for fuck's sake. Doesn't anyone have a life anymore? Move along, folks... there's nothing to see here! It's been a year and a half!
    In that space, I've painstakingly cleaned my life up and none of his old complaints about me would even hold now. I don't use drugs, I don't sleep around, I don't wreck marriages. For the first time in my life I am clean, happy and safe. If you were in my shoes, wouldn't you want a chance to redeem yourself? Of course you would. But you're not giving me one.
    If I were a whore, which at least one of you has called me, don't you think I'd be making a lot more money? *giggle*
    Yes, I did a few things wrong with him. But I didn't cheat on him, at least not in the "normal" sense. He hated me, and I fell in love with someone else. Is that really so shocking? Better yet, why does anyone care? Are you all so starved for drama that you have to drag up things that made absolutely no sense a year and a half ago? Sheesh!
    So anyway, you can stop leering at me now. Really. You don't even know me. You let a few nasty sentences cancel out everything you've ever heard about me being a nice person. I'm sorry I had to yell like this-- you just need to understand that this hasn't been easy for *anyone*, and after so long I would really appreciate being treated like a human being. We are in love. Just give me a chance. Okay?
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