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I really fucking hate when middle aged women (i.e. mid-30s to mid-40s) have some need to run around advertising their groceries at men and screwing around like they're 19 and just discovering they have a vagina. Hey lady, I'm sorry you didn't get all that stuff done at the appropriate age but here's a news flash: Guys may not mind your antics too much, in fact some of them will probably take you up on it. And if that happens please admit the fact and don't go around proclaiming that you DON'T have sex with all these guys you flirt with when that's a lie and you DO...this is the year 2002, people have sex lives, okay? if you're not comfortable with yours then, uh, change your behavior, otherwise stop acting like how you carry on is such a world-stoppingly big deal.

AND, even though every guy in the room may not mind or might even dig you, I can tell you that every female in the room with a brain working thinks you're a stupid bimbo. (The ones without brains are busy competing with you and bugging the shit out of those of us WITH brains.) So Please, Get a clue. Get a life while you're at it. And quit going around saying Mr. Famous So-and-so doesn't know what to think about you, the fact is that Mr. Famous So-and-so has been around the block about 500 times and got your number when you walked in the room and is either too damn polite or too damn bored and disinterested in your antics to say anything out loud to you.

I'm sorry that I have to run into people like you. You're like a train wreck waiting to happen and you don't do anything positive for my life or my nerves. You're just so pathetic. That's all I can say.
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