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I hate flaky property management companies who don't get back to me for weeks on end, who seem utterly fucking incompetent in the use of a fax machine, as three times now they have claimed to fax me an application for an apartment but I've yet to see this illustrious bit of paper on my fax machine. One time you fucked up the number, I then corrected it, where is my fucking application you useless sack of protoplasm?

And now after all of this it appears that my options are to hand you an extra two weeks or so rent or relocate to Santa MOTHERFUCKING Fe with no concrete knowledge of where I'll be living and take my chances on getting a place in September, thus having to throw all of my stuff into storage and crash with friendly acquaintances who have most kindly offered crash space despite our only knowing each other from a mailing list.


That is all.
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