no. (roses_rejoice) wrote in vitriola,

My Weekly Ranter

I'm fucking sick of people who act nice in person, but then turn into major assholes on mailing lists, e-mails, and message boards. And I'm also fucking sick of the reverse. CONSISTENCY IS ALL I ASK. If you're my friend online, then I expect you to act friendly when we meet. If you're friendly when we meet, then I expect you to carry that over into your online activities as well.

And my god, if you're having some kind of bad day and you act fucked up towards me on either medium, well look, God gave you e-mail so you can SEND ONE FOR CHEAP OR FREE AND SAY, "Man, I was having a fucked-up day, could we just forget it?" And not just sit there acting like the fact that you've been acting assholy is perfectly okay fine and dandy. 'CAUSE IT'S NOT, FUCKER!!! Ok, I'm done, have a swell weekend fellow vitriolaholics!
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